Design and execution

BARTER S.A. provides comprehensive customer service from conceptual design to the technical project, obtaining all necessary permits, construction and complex LNG supplies.

For the construction of natural gas systems, we use equipment and installations of reputable companies, from United States and European Union.

The technical, design and implementation aspects of LNG station are performed by Barter S.A.


The scope of the services offered by Barter S.A.:

  • energy audits,
  • concepts of energy solutions (LPG/LNG),
  • technological and construction projects of LNG installations,
  • we obtain administrative permits,
  • we carry out regasification and refueling stations for vehicles,
  • we comprehensively provide gas boiler rooms,
  • we install co-generators,
  • we install equipment for cooling recovery,
  • we deliver liquefied natural gas,
  • we support and service LNG installations,
  • we provide LNG transport services.