LNG safety training course

LNG safety workshops

the only one such cyclic training in Poland with a practical display of LNG fire-fighting techniques.

The training is aimed at:

– entities dealing in the trade, distribution and transport of liquefied LNG gas both to the managerial staff as well as specialists, operators, drivers,

– designers, contractors of LNG installations,

– government employees and emergency services, 

as well as other persons interested in knowledge or knowledge on LNG.

Training is held in small groups (up to 30 people), and the venue we adapt to the needs of the participants. 


Next training:

Szczecin – spring 2018

Białystok – spring 2018

Wrocław – spring/summer 2018


Training subjects:
I. theoretical part

– definitions and general provisions on LNG,

– characteristics of gases, cryogenic,

– dangers associated with the storage, transshipment and transportation of LNG,

II. the practical part

– getting acquainted with liquids and cryogenic gases,

– getting acquainted with cryogenic equipment,

– special show (forced and free evaporation, extinguishing with LNG backfill with various extinguishing agents, including the effects of

water use)

– technical solutions and procedures for the prevention of dangerous situations,

– threat detection systems, superintendence and monitoring systems,

– procedures for dealing with emergency situations,

Gallery of previous trainings: