Application of LNG

Applications of liquefied natural gas for the purposes of:

  • Heating
    Heating with a gas with high content of methane is used both in the industry and in households. Gaseous methane has a high calorific value, which leads to the high efficiency of the entire heating system.
  • Steam production
    Water steam is a working medium in steam turbines and in many technological processes (eg in the chemical, textile, food and paper industries) and in the municipal services (heating). The heat needed to produce steam in a boiler is obtained by burning fuel, among others methane, in the combustion chamber.
  • Cogeneration
    Gaseous methane received from the liquid form can be used as fuel in cogeneration, a technology that allows simultaneous generation of heat, electricity, and chill in one process. It is a concrete response to the great economic challenges associated with the environmental protection.
  • Drying, production of technological heat and others
    The air heated as a result of methane combustion can be used for drying in such industries as agriculture, wood industry, mining. Technological heat (for mass melting, heating of production halls) can also be obtained on the basis of methane.

In summary: methane, obtained from Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) offers a wide range of applications in energy, food, road and ceramic industries. It is also very popular in municipalities and settlements without the network gas infrastructure.